Liquid Shatter Cartridge

Rated 3 out of 5


Vbud’s Liquid Shatter is made with its Triple A Dewaxed Shatter and the Flavored E-Liquid mixed at 1: 1.3.


Vbud’s clear golden Liquid Shatter is made with the premium shatter ,which is extracted from top quality buds.It has been processed with BHO Extraction under -40℃ degree and low temperature purge process has been taken for at least five days in order to get it much cleaner,purer and smoother. With the flavored E-Liquid mixed in and put into the cartridge you can attach to the vape pen to enjoy. 
Enjoy promptly for peak flavor, aroma and effects. Seal tightly and keep from direct sunlight.

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Original, Strawberry, Watermelon, Mango


0.5 ml, 1 ml