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If you consume weed regularly but are not growing due to the misconceptions about the COST TO GROW—the following VBUD guide is your new friend to do so under $122 !!!  

To add perspective, the sum of $150 is less than 13% of the average weekly wage—$952 of a common Canadian

Your Takeaways

  1. Who Can Use This Economical Cannabis Build?
  2. Your “Home Grow” Supply List
  3. Total Cost of Your Indoor Cannabis Garden
  4. Your 24”X24”X48” Homie Grow Room 
  5. “Home Grow” Build Specs
  6. Components
  7. Your “Indoor Grow” Components
  8. Conclusion


This EXCLUSIVE material will GUIDE you to MAKE your own homie-weed-garden under setup under $122. 

Your build will have all of the “adequate” components required to control the climate control, and will not call for any technical know-how on your part for assembling. 

Remember, all of the hardware used for THIS project can be AMAZON’D. Therefore, any READER with a serviceable internet connection can easily order the equipment to start realizing their TOKING DREAMS. 


Who Can Use This Economical Cannabis Build?

  • Rookie Growers
  • Budget Growers
  • Discreet growers 

Your “Home Grow” Supply List

  1. 24”x24”x48” TopoLight—Indoor Grow Room ($48.99)
  2. Lorell 6” Clip-On Fan ($16.09)—Amazon’s Choice for (“clip on electric fan”)
  3. Century 24-Hour Mechanical Timer-Grounded ($9.99)Amazon’s Choice for (“outlet timer indoor”)
  4. Growstar 150 Watt Full Spectrum Led Plant Grow Light ($45.99)—Amazon’s Choice for (“ufo led grow light”)
  5. (Optional) iPower GLFANXBOOSTER4 Inline Duct Vent Blower Exhaust Booster Fan —Amazon’s Choice for (“booster fan”)
  6. (Optional) AcuRite 00613 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer—Amazon’s Choice for (“acurite temperature and humidity sensor”) ($13.58)


  • Your basic setup will cost $121.06
  • Adding the Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer will make it $134.64
  • Getting the Inline Booster Fan will raise the cost to $148.56

The smart move to get the basic step + thermometer + booster fan will make it a MANAGEABLE $162.14—An amount a common Canadian statistically earns in a SINGLE DAY. 


The design of your 24”X24”X48” Nano Grow is least technical and most budget-friendly. The engineering of the “Grow Room” puts emphasis on trimming down the necessary components to CUT any unnecessary items. 

While the NECESSITIES will cost you a bit over $100, you can ALWAYS add an additional thermometer/hydrometer and inline fan for a little more convenience. 

Your Cannabis Growing Lights

LED lights will work fantastically in your “Grow Room” because they generate little to no heat. Although filtration for a growing room of this magnitude is not required—but, if you want to cultivate your plant in a more secluded space, then opt for the thermometer/hydrometer and the intake fan. 

This will ASSIST increasing air circulation, besides offering fundamental metrics to sustain a conducive atmosphere for the plants.

Remember, the tent maxes out at 48 inches. Therefore, plants cultivated in this space must not exceed 24 inches in height. It’s recommended to use Indica and Automatic varieties for optimal results.

“Home Grow” Build Specs

Assembly Time—30 minutes

Recommended Hardware—Heavy Duty Zip Ties and Duct tape

Power Outlets Needed: 2 – 3

Recommended Plant Count—1 to 2 plants

You can assemble the tent in your room or closet space 

Your “Indoor Grow” Components


Your “grow tent” by Topolight comes with plastic coner, and is FANTASTIC for a COMPACT closet or space. It comes with rectangularly-shaped vents with mesh for optimal ventilation and multiple ones for filter and fan output.

Moreover, the product is engineered with Heavy Duty 600D oxford cloth (lightproof) and is equipped with large zippers and paint coated metal rods. Lastly, it features a supremely reflective mylar coating within that helps offer your plants just the right kind of lighting.


The LED Full Spectrum Light by Growstar is your most economical bet to render a spectrum feasible for both flowering and vegetative plants. This light has 30 Watts of Cree LED and gives off a purple/blue hue. Your package also comes with requisite parts to suspend the light at varying heights to follow a canopy as it matures. 

Remember, these LED lights don’t add any further heat to the tent and necessitate less filtration to keep the required temperatures.


A 6-inch clip-on fan by Lorell enables airflow within your “grow tent.” You have the liberty to mount it wherever you desire. The fan is loaded with twin-speed operation and variable tilt mechanism.  

Also, you can add a 4-inch inline duct fan (100CFM) to supply an intake pathway to cycle fresh air across the tent. If you aspire to purchase the intake duct fan, affix it at the bottom of your “grow tent” using zip ties and duct tape. The clip-on fan will circulate air within the inner space of the tent. However, if you will keep the top duct port ajar, air might evacuate passively.

Alternatively, if you wish not to install the intake duct fan, you should leave the bottom as well as the top port open for air flow.


Your build is shipped with a 24-hour mechanical timer engineered to maintain the light on an automatic cycle. Remember, these automatic mechanical timers are marginally more economical than their digital counterparts.

Climate Metering 

Your basic build does not offer any weather monitoring hardware. Nonetheless, you have the option to get an Acurite thermometer and hydrometer, which will enable you to supervise essential metrics within your “grow tent.”


The majority of marijuana-tokers do not grow their own weed due to the perceived cost. Still, your basic grow will cost you merely $122—a sum that is less than 13% of the average weekly wage of a common Canadian. 

You need an indoor grow room, a clip-on electric fan, a 24-hour mechanical timer-grounded, a full spectrum LED grow light, an inline booster fan, and optionally you can also have the AcuRite Thermometer & Hygrometer.

Remember, your basic setup is priced at $121.06. Yet, the smart move to get the basic step + thermometer + booster fan will make it a MANAGEABLE $162.14—An amount a common Canadian statistically earns in a SINGLE DAY. 

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