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“Civilization begins with distillation.”  

-William Faulkner

Who loves edible gummies? You do!

There’s something about these sugary little teddy bears that compels you to just take a break from the bustles of life and pop a teddy or two.  

Add a bit of cannabis to this delight, and you’ve got a taste, flavor, and impact that is box-office gold.

The following passages will put light on the edible gummies and why it’s strongly recommended to make them with pure distillate cannabis oil.

What are Edible Gummies?

Edibles are food products made with cannabis concentrates or flower. The fantastic benefit of consuming marijuana-infused edibles such gummies is the liberty to enjoy the cannabis effects without smoking joints or vaping concentrates.

Alternatively, every sane person knows how to eat and drink.

All you people just starting out should know that these edibles take their own sweet time to induce its effects on you. However, depending on your digestive system, they can also provide the intended result in less than half an hour.

How An Edible Marijuana Gummy Operate?

A marijuana-infused edible gummy is consumed through the mouth to be absorbed via the gut. After that, the metabolization of the digested compounds starts in the liver, whereby THC turns into an 11-hydroxy-THC in your stomach.

It’s critical to mention that the latter compound packs more power than simple THC and is ultra-sedative. This process in your liver causes edible cannabis gummies to have a different effect in the majority of the people.

The entire procedure takes about 45 – 180 minutes.

How an Edible Gummy is Made?

The effects of an edible marijuana gummy are directly related to its methods of production and ingredients used to make it.

Typically, these infused edibles are using hash or cannabis distillate — a flavorless and odorless oil — or pure cannabinoid crystals that are imbued into consumer food goods using a fat such as oil or butter.

It’s essential to spot what type of cannabis concentrate was utilized to make your edibles as they all yield contrasting effects.

Moreover, decarboxylation plays a pivotal role in establishing the type of effects an edible might possess.

Through the process of decarboxylation, THCA is slightly heated to transmute it into a psychoactive compound THC. It’s because the human body is not designed to change THCA to THC.

The distillate is used for edible gummies, and the process courtesy of its unmatched purity-levels produces a unicorn-riding psychoactive effect.

Moreover, they’re an all-time favorite of big scale edible producers because the cannabinoids are totally decarboxylated during the distillate method.

Marijuana Oil Distillate Will Become The King of Cannabis Concentrates.

Let’s start from the basics;

Oxford defines the word distilled as the act of purifying a liquid by applying heat and condensation.

Marijuana concentrate distillates are produced by further refining the cannabis material extracted already. Let’s rewind a little;

Distillation –  Yesterday & Today

It is usually agreed upon that the Greeks of Alexandria were familiar with the craft of distillation in the Pre-Christian era, and later on, the Arabs took up the process to obtain essential oils. Still, distillation only became a norm in Western Europe in the 1100s A.D.

Today, the distillation processes are transforming centuries-old traditions with cannabis concentrate distillation slated to reshape the future of the industry through cutting-edge technologies deployed for cannabinoid extraction.

Distillate Cannabis Oil is Fantastic for Legal Edible Makers

During the initial years of the 2010s, the majority of U.S. edible companies were guilty of publishing incorrect product potency. In fact, a 2013 study took 75 samples from Oregon, Washington, and California to declare that less than 25% were accurately labeled while about 60% were advertising more THC volume than the product actually contained.

Now in 2019, more and more companies prefer distillate cannabis oils to infuse LIFE into their edible gummies. These distillates can be measured by weight to have a precisely accurate product-potency level. This ensures that large-scale batches can also be made with more trusted reliability, consistency, and brand loyalty among its users.

Pure Distillate Cannabis oil-infused Edible Gummies Keeps Your Health In Check

These modern distillates offer a clear edge in the domain of the medicinal application of marijuana due to the massive riddance of contaminants in the finished product. Moreover, the patients vape the purified oil, which removes the possibility of combustible smoke. Therefore, the edibles digested by the users offer remarkable purity, sheer versatility, and countless application potential.

Nonetheless, making complete sense of the refinement process is quite difficult since most of the methodologies in use today are either patented, proprietary or still in the R&D phase.  

Why Make Edible Gummies with Pure Distillate Cannabis Oil

Today, more and more edible gummy manufacturers are using distillate cannabis oil instead of butter and other oils. Albeit, the former process is a lot more complicated and requires experienced precision to achieve the desired result, but the end product is worth the persistence.  

Why Cannabis Distillate is All The Rage in 2019?

It’s because the potency of concentrates such as wax and shatter, holds a candle to distillate cannabis oil.

Specifically, concentrates undergo a short path distillation process to get rid of waxes, impurities, and fundamentally, anything that is not cannabinoids. The smart manufacturers of 2019 are using cannabis distillate to make edible gummies because;

  1. It’s the most pristine form of a cannabis concentrate
  2. It packs the fairytale power of 99% THC.

Why Use Cannabis Distillate to Infuse Edible Gummies?

The fundamental reason is that an exhaustive extraction process virtually removes everything from terpenes to contaminations—leaving no perceptible flavor in the end product.

Admittedly, some manufacturers will reinstate terpenes (synthetically or directly from the plant), but the majority would go for the flavorless, pure distillate cannabis oil when infusing their edible gummies. The reason is simple: it gives the makers more liberty to perfect the flavor profile of their respective edible gummy brand to entice more new customers while retaining the existing ones.   

Also, with a distillate-infused edible, you can kiss goodbye to overpoweringly cannabis flavored or hashy treats.

Cannabis distillate Oil Keeps Your Dosing Proper

As a maker of edible cannabis gummies, it’s mandatory for you to keep your dosing accurate, and infusing them with distillate cannabis oil guarantees that accuracy. For instance, if one gram of a known distillate brand carries about 900 – 1000MG of THC—introducing that gram into edible gummies will give the power of roughly 900 – 1000 MG in the final product.

To achieve your intended dose, portion your edible gummies into easy-to-handle serving sizes. Always keep in mind that the bioavailability of various types of edibles also changes their effectiveness.

For example, 10MG is our recommended starting dose for digestible edibles such as marijuana gummies compared to a mere 2MG for sublingual edible products like tinctures or oils. Remember, you will not get that precise consistency from any DIY trim butter.

How to Calculate the THC Dosage of Your Edible Marijuana Gummies

Here’s your VBUD-recommended way out:

In the beginning, calculate the number of edible marijuana gummies you intend to make. After that multiply that number with 10MG to figure out your batch’s total THC count.

The total THC of the batch is actually the amount you want in the entire batch. However, this doesn’t translate into you, putting 250MG of oil into the mixture as the oil is not 100% pure tetrahydrocannabinol.

Therefore, you need to take into account the percentage of the distillate cannabis oil you are using. Let’s play out an example for better understanding:

You want to make 25 edible gummies, each containing 10MG. Also, you intend to add 250MG of THC in your edible gummy mix.

Now, suppose you have a 90% distillate cannabis oil

1 gram of 90% distillate cannabis oil = 900MG of THC

X/1000 = 250/900 will tell you how much oil you need

Therefore, if you want to make 25 edible marijuana gummies (10MG), you are required to add about 280MG of distillate cannabis oil.  


VBUD hopes that it has added a bit more value to the treasure trove of your cannabis concentrates knowledge.

Thank us on your timeline!